Almost There: Monday Suggestions 09/30

Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Suggestions 09/30

I'm SUPER excited about this week's Monday Suggestions! If you missed last Monday's post go here.

Sweet goodness, we are one day away from the release of UNCONTROLLABLY WASTED by C. Elizabeth Vescio (book two in The Wasted Series)!

Again, I've already read UW as a beta reader so I can say with confidence that it's a fun, exciting, and great read. I love the characters, the plot, and the wonderful writing. The main character Frankie makes me feel the feels, laugh out loud, and relate to her even in situations I'd never find myself in.

Straight from the Goodreads page for UW, here's the synopsis:
It's been a year since Francesca Fairholm met the rest of the Osiris team and the company heads, her two half brothers Nero and Lex. As they groom her for leadership, it's all Frankie can do to keep her cynical sarcasm in check as she starts training two new Strikers, avoids the romantic advances of Spark Dawson, and does her best to pry a little family history from her cold, distant Aunt Alexa. 
With the pressure of her secret dual life building and her mother acting suspiciously, Frankie's sanity is pushed to the brink when she makes a grisly discovery that shakes the young Striker to her core. Despite her cousins' fear that her panic attacks signal a full mental breakdown, Frankie is positive she's not crazy. Finding clarity in her personal investigation into Osiris's origins, she uncovers more about the company than she would rather know.
As her life starts to unravel, things get deadly and, before she knows it, she's facing down an old target's pissed-off widow, an unstoppable mercenary, and the one thing she's most terrified of admitting to herself. 
It's possible the whole situation won't explode in her face. Yeah, like Frankie has that kind of luck.
So,  I strongly suggest you purchase a copy of UW tomorrow! Just go here for links to Book 1 and Book 2.
This is a bit self-serving on my part, but I can't help but be excited about #SYTYCW2013! So You Think You Can Write is holding a Harlequin writing contest and I've entered!

First place will win a series publishing contract!

My entry is titled "Undone" and you can read the 100-word pitch here as well as the entire Chapter 1! If you like what you read and wouldn't mind supporting UNDONE, feel free to Like it / Tweet it / Comment on it / Share it!

I'd be eternally grateful and all that mushy jazz!

Once again, you can go here to view my submission!

Next week we'll have another To Watch, until then CHEERS!

-Tyler Anne (aka Chick Tyler)

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