Almost There: October 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pinterest Funny

I'm addicted to Pinterest, so I go through a lot of different pins on the daily. Sometimes I can't help but pin the attractive guy or adorable animal. A friend tagged me in the picture below. She signed onto her Pinterest app and this is what she saw first! 


Pinterest Love #5

I am pale. I've been this way since I was about seven. Now, this might not be strange to most, but the fact that my father is Mexican and at one point I was naturally very tan has raised a few eyebrows at my lack of color.

However, being pale is something I covet now. A porcelain complexion (as my mother calls it) can be rare and, I mean, I kind of dig the look.

So, in my Pinterest-addicted fashion, I made the board pale.

Here are a few of my favorite pins from that board!


All pictures can be found on the board pale and then linked back to their original owners.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Inspiration: Light Fixtures

My tiny apartment has no overhead lighting. I miss that in a home.
So when I see these beautiful spaces in various posts over at Design Attractor, I just get inspired. Plus, it makes me look forward to a future with overhead lighting and creative fixtures!


All images were found on various blog posts on Design Attractor. Almost There does not own any of them! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Pinner Worth Following

Tonight Dude's family will be throwing one heck of a Halloween shindig. They always throw down some amazing costumes and awesome company so we're really excited. Even more so that my brother and his girlfriend are driving here to come with us!

So I most likely won't do another blog post until Sunday!

Until then I want all of you Pinterest lovers to check out a pinner I found at random! You can find her boards here.

However, the board that makes my mouth water is Wear. If you are at all interested in fashion or just pretty things in general, check this board out!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Very Own House Hunters

I've mentioned in earlier posts that The Great Move is coming. For the past year Dude and I have lived in a very tiny apartment. That in itself has been a big issue, especially considering I work from home. If you add in all of the problems (broken refrigerator, dishwater that loves to flood and the nosiest ceiling/floor from our upstairs neighbors) it just makes the fire bigger under our butts to get out!

So our lease is ending very soon and The Great Move is close. This excites me especially because we are looking at houses to rent!

Why a house? Because we want the space! I need a large area for a studio (more info. on this later!!!) and all of our things. (Plus, my Milo would love some more running room.)

Now, since I'm in love with everything HGTV, I've already started to make this into a House Hunters episode. YOU KNOW HOW I ROLL!

Once we start walking through houses I'll upload pictures and do my whole HGTV spill. Until then here are some things we are looking to have in a house (hopefully)!

Must haves:

Two bedrooms
Two FULL bathrooms
A decent-sized kitchen
Decent storage (one walk-in would be ideal)
Good neighborhood

Wants (but not necessarily needs):

Open concept living room/dinning room/kitchen
Hardwood floors throughout
A garage (for a workspace)
A fenced-in backyard
A flat lot

Too much? Not enough? What are your must haves?

Image can be found here.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh My Pillow (Plus More) #2

Zara Home.

We know I love you.

Here's four more items that I would go goo-goo for if I owned them!

One | Two | Three | Four

Check out the other Zara Home posts here and here.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yay or Nay with Wall Décor

What I like about Design World's new blog (here) is that they have a weekly featured called "Yay or Nay." They post different decorating ideas that are trending and ask their audience yay or nay. Very simple, very effective.

The past two weeks had two blog posts that really interested me. Last week's post (Yay or Nay: Picture Frame Decorating) and this week's post (Yay or Nay: Plate Decorating) are about decorating the walls with unique accessories.

Now I want to go ahead and say YAY for both of these but only if you do it right.

Things that work for me: 
  • Same color frames but in difference sizes. 
  • Mismatched frames that are variations of one specific color.
  • Crowding frames but with the same amount of space between each frame so it doesn't look cluttered. 
Things that don't work for me:
  • I'm not a big fan of making an overall shape with the frames (like a heart). I don't think it's tacky by any means, it's just not my style.
  • Every frame being a different color. This makes it way too busy for me.

Things that work for me: 
  • I love, love, love having every plate unique. Unlike the picture frames, for some reason I can handle all different colors and styles with plates.
  • I'm a big fan of the flow placement. It doesn't have to be boxy overall and the space between each plate can vary.
Things that don't work for me:
  • I'm not a fan of having plates on shelves. I think I just prefer seeing them on the wall as wall art.
  • Not a fan of plate layering.
Even though there are things I don't like about each style, I still very much dig them. I'm probably a bigger fan of plate decorating, especially if you find really unique ones from vintage stores/thrift shops.

So, how do you stand? 
Picture framing decorating...yay or nay? 
Plate decorating...yay or nay? 

All pictures can be found on Pinterest. I made the picture collages for Design World's blog posts. 

Friday, October 19, 2012



BHLDN by socialspaz featuring shoes



Yum by socialspaz featuring madewell

Pinterest Love #4

We all know I love Pinterest. I mean, come on. (Go here to look at all of my boards.) So here's my Pinterest Love #4!

One | Two | Three | Four

My Desk Life

I'd like to tell you that my current workspace is ah-mah-zing but all I can really say is that it may not be the bees' knees but it's what I have right now.

See, I finally got rid of my Confounding Corner of Doom in the office/guest bedroom and I've even made some changes that I do enjoy. However, Dude and I have decided that we are moving in a few short months and so instead of turning the office into an amazing workspace, now I'm just making due until it's time to pack!

But I feel like I've cheated you so I decided I might as well post my workspace and explain just a few things!

These are the things I seem to always have on my desk. Some say it's clutter and messy but that's just their perspective, right? Let me give you the low down.

1.) Remember how I sketched out shelves? Well now I have two. They are both on each side of the desk and have books and magazines galore. I didn't include them in the shot because they aren't designed the way I want them yet. (They won't be until we are in the new place!)
2.) I have always wanted to do the whole jewelry wall art thing. Not only does it make it easier to find/browse some of my necklaces but it also dresses up the wall! Since I have limited space (and I need to print out more pictures!) I took a few that make me happy and clipped them up there! Then we have the Hobby Lobby magnetic chevron board with a few things that inspired me from Pinterest I love!
3.) Let me tell you about this wrench. Apparently the last mechanic that had his hands all up under my car's hood left this wrench there. A month later I start my car and then BAM! I think my engine just exploded and start freaking out. After a weekend of freaking out, Dude returned home and found that wrench hiding. My car works just fine now! Why did I put it on the wall though? It reminds me to always put money in my emergency fund!
4.) It looks cluttered but I have a lot of important work-related folders and papers in that metal holder...okay, and a few odd the map of Skyrim. 
5.) I love paint samples. They help me design and also make the desk seem more festive! I have so many of them tucked away in folders and shoe boxes! Oh and don't mind my awesome art print from Yukalaleigh
6.) I have two notebooks that hold my work and blog notes. I'm a big fan of writing in them with Sharpie. I don't know why...but I also have a lot of Sharpies. (Note the cups of them!)

So this is where I work! Doesn't meet your standards? Well it works just fine for me!

That is until we get into the new place!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crush Thursday #6

I have to admit that I gave myself a pat on the back for reaching Crush Thursday #6. It means that not only have I been doing this for six weeks but I have remembered to do it every week! So a small win for me, right?

But back to the matter at hand.

Crush Thursday #6 is...wait for! Or at least in the ball park.

BHLDN not only has great wedding dresses (see yesterday's post here) but they also have party dresses and clutches that I'm crushing on. So, yes, I had to do two crushes in one!


One | Two

One | Two
Three | Four

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding Brain: BHLDN

If you have read my earlier posts or seen my Holli is my homegirl board on Pinterest, then you know I have wedding on the brain because my good friend Holli (here) is getting married! So, of course, I have been Pinterest-ing my little heart out!

Today I hit gold. 

I found this dress and instantly fell in love.

This back is beyond gorgeous and it has a front that I can't help but love also. After I saved these pictures on my computer I had to go find who was selling this amazing dress.

That's when I found BHLDN. Normally I would link you to the individual dresses but instead I'm going to tell you to just look at all of them (here). 

Below are other dresses by BHLDN that I get girly and giggly over!

Again, all images and dresses can be found here.


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