Almost There: My Very Own House Hunters

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Very Own House Hunters

I've mentioned in earlier posts that The Great Move is coming. For the past year Dude and I have lived in a very tiny apartment. That in itself has been a big issue, especially considering I work from home. If you add in all of the problems (broken refrigerator, dishwater that loves to flood and the nosiest ceiling/floor from our upstairs neighbors) it just makes the fire bigger under our butts to get out!

So our lease is ending very soon and The Great Move is close. This excites me especially because we are looking at houses to rent!

Why a house? Because we want the space! I need a large area for a studio (more info. on this later!!!) and all of our things. (Plus, my Milo would love some more running room.)

Now, since I'm in love with everything HGTV, I've already started to make this into a House Hunters episode. YOU KNOW HOW I ROLL!

Once we start walking through houses I'll upload pictures and do my whole HGTV spill. Until then here are some things we are looking to have in a house (hopefully)!

Must haves:

Two bedrooms
Two FULL bathrooms
A decent-sized kitchen
Decent storage (one walk-in would be ideal)
Good neighborhood

Wants (but not necessarily needs):

Open concept living room/dinning room/kitchen
Hardwood floors throughout
A garage (for a workspace)
A fenced-in backyard
A flat lot

Too much? Not enough? What are your must haves?

Image can be found here.

1 comment:

  1. We will be house hunting in a couple months! Those are some pretty great wants and needs you have. So far mine are: a yard of some kind that I can plant a garden in, pet friendly, decent sized-kitchen.



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