Almost There: Advice for working from home

Monday, October 15, 2012

Advice for working from home

I work from home (as many already know) and I've been a freelancer since I graduated college. I love what I do and despite the almost-guaranteed stability of an 8 to 5 job, I wouldn't trade it for being able to do what I love.


There is one thing that has recently been bothering me something fierce and that is being stuck at home.

I work very odd hours. I can't even paint you an accurate picture of my schedule. Some nights I go to sleep at midnight, other times I stay awake until 1 p.m. the next morning and then nap in between my rounds and other times I manage to go to sleep early. One day soon I will right this schedule but for now it gets the most work done. But, because of the sporadic hours, I often stay in my home office. Why bother putting on make up and leaving the house when I'm tired and have more work to do? Because, really, a freelancer's work never seems to be done!

If you're in the same boat as me then it's time we jump ship!

It is not healthy, physically or mentally, to stay cooped up in one space all day. People with those 8 to 5 jobs get out on necessity while freelancers have the choice. If you don't have money to go out to eat lunch or grab a coffee, then go to the park and take a walk. If you don't want to walk, go to the grocery store and do your shopping! Hey, it gets you out of the house, right?

Lately I have been really bad at this but this morning I decided it was time to practice what I had been preaching. So I went and took a walk around 6:30 a.m. (I had a lot to do today so I wanted to do it early!)

In conclusion (after my rambling and such) if you work from home then do yourself a favor and plan out a time each day to get out of the house! It will make the workday better, I promise!

It was very foggy this morning!

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