Almost There: Exciting Update!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Exciting Update!

So early I posted that I had fun news I wanted to share. That's definitely still true but the long, amazing post where I explain everything in detail went out the window when I started getting sick! Who gets a cold out of nowhere? Me. Who gets knocked on their backsides from said cold? Me, of course.

Instead of blowing your mind with a long explanation, I'm just going to make the tinniest of lists.

Exciting things:

1. I've been hired to style a home office and garage in the next few months. Research mode has begun! I will update the blog with the mood board, color swatches and sketches I come up with as well as pictures of progress.

2. My dear friend Holli (see her wonderful site here) just got engaged! (Insert my wild squealing here!) She asked if I would like to help her decorate the event and I could not be more thrilled! So for the next several months my new Pinterest board Holli is my homegirl and this blog will be blowing up with DIY wedding decorations along with inspiring pictures and ideas!

3. I have been working on new designs (including web) for Almost There. I will have an official launch in the near future!

4. My lease is up in December! So let the apartment/house hunting begin!

These are the things that will be keeping me awake and going strong for the next few months. If I go one day and post like crazy then you know why. The same with if I skip a day!

I'll keep you updated!


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