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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding Brain: BHLDN

If you have read my earlier posts or seen my Holli is my homegirl board on Pinterest, then you know I have wedding on the brain because my good friend Holli (here) is getting married! So, of course, I have been Pinterest-ing my little heart out!

Today I hit gold. 

I found this dress and instantly fell in love.

This back is beyond gorgeous and it has a front that I can't help but love also. After I saved these pictures on my computer I had to go find who was selling this amazing dress.

That's when I found BHLDN. Normally I would link you to the individual dresses but instead I'm going to tell you to just look at all of them (here). 

Below are other dresses by BHLDN that I get girly and giggly over!

Again, all images and dresses can be found here.


  1. As your homegirl, Holli, might I just say I LOVE all these dresses. I would like to buy all of them. Probably shouldn't do that though...

    1. Homegirl Holli, I would support that decision even if it isn't ideal to purchase ALL of the dresses.



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