Almost There: My Desk Life

Friday, October 19, 2012

My Desk Life

I'd like to tell you that my current workspace is ah-mah-zing but all I can really say is that it may not be the bees' knees but it's what I have right now.

See, I finally got rid of my Confounding Corner of Doom in the office/guest bedroom and I've even made some changes that I do enjoy. However, Dude and I have decided that we are moving in a few short months and so instead of turning the office into an amazing workspace, now I'm just making due until it's time to pack!

But I feel like I've cheated you so I decided I might as well post my workspace and explain just a few things!

These are the things I seem to always have on my desk. Some say it's clutter and messy but that's just their perspective, right? Let me give you the low down.

1.) Remember how I sketched out shelves? Well now I have two. They are both on each side of the desk and have books and magazines galore. I didn't include them in the shot because they aren't designed the way I want them yet. (They won't be until we are in the new place!)
2.) I have always wanted to do the whole jewelry wall art thing. Not only does it make it easier to find/browse some of my necklaces but it also dresses up the wall! Since I have limited space (and I need to print out more pictures!) I took a few that make me happy and clipped them up there! Then we have the Hobby Lobby magnetic chevron board with a few things that inspired me from Pinterest I love!
3.) Let me tell you about this wrench. Apparently the last mechanic that had his hands all up under my car's hood left this wrench there. A month later I start my car and then BAM! I think my engine just exploded and start freaking out. After a weekend of freaking out, Dude returned home and found that wrench hiding. My car works just fine now! Why did I put it on the wall though? It reminds me to always put money in my emergency fund!
4.) It looks cluttered but I have a lot of important work-related folders and papers in that metal holder...okay, and a few odd the map of Skyrim. 
5.) I love paint samples. They help me design and also make the desk seem more festive! I have so many of them tucked away in folders and shoe boxes! Oh and don't mind my awesome art print from Yukalaleigh
6.) I have two notebooks that hold my work and blog notes. I'm a big fan of writing in them with Sharpie. I don't know why...but I also have a lot of Sharpies. (Note the cups of them!)

So this is where I work! Doesn't meet your standards? Well it works just fine for me!

That is until we get into the new place!

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