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Thursday, October 11, 2012

About Me

I realized I hadn't exactly made a post about me and what it is I do and what it is I want to accomplish with this blog. My About  covers a tiny portion of that but I decided to use this post to expand a bit.

So here we go!

My name is Tyler and I'm in my 20s. 

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Design, Technology & Industry with a Creative Writing minor.
I was a part of my university newspaper for four years. I was News Editor, Editor in Chief and copy editor through those years. 

After college I started Social Spaz and started to freelance as a social media consultant & manager to help businesses reach a larger online audience. 

Now I work with several businesses as their social media consultant & manager. I also freelance as a graphic designer, web designer and professional blogger.

I started Almost There because I have an immense love for everything creative. DIY projects, home décor, graphic & interior design, typography, unique fashion and Pinterest-worthy pursuits are my passions! (I also have an insane amount of books!) I wanted a place to not only share these interests but also catalogue my growth as a creative!

Currently I live in a tiny apartment with Dude & my very dog-like cat Milo. Even though I don't have my dream space, I love to dream big but also come up with creative, inexpensive projects to make what I have something I love.

I plan to keep blogging with Almost There and hope that I inspire other creatives, whether or not they are living their dreams or still working to reach them!

 (By the way, Milo is a blue tabby. So that's pretty cool, no?)

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