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I'm not married, I don't have kids and I live in a house that I pay rent on. However, I do date a man that has the same first name as me (Tyler), a wonderful lion/cat named Milo, and a very real addiction to Pinterest. I also just finished my first book!

I started this blog because I don't have my dream house/life yet but that's not going to stop me from being happy! Everyone should find happiness no matter their situation and I can only hope Almost There inspires and motivates the masses!

I will Pinterest my face off, try DIY projects until my hands bleed, and give advice on being a freelancer and fellow creative. All while staying within my perfectly horrible budget.

My Stats:
  • B.S. in Design, Technology & Industry with a Creative Writing minor
  • Owner & Operator of Social Spaz
  • Currently writing a novel
  • Loves social media & everything HGTV
For more details look here.
For my LinkedIn profile go here.

- Tyler Anne (aka Chick Tyler)

I'm a newly married, almost first-time mom (come March 4, give or take), a renter of a cute little duplex, a freelance writer and part-time day-jobber.

I spend my time trying my hand at cooking various meals, doing DIY projects for my living space, nesting like a maniac, entertaining and writing personal projects...all in between those day job things. I'm passionate about living a simple life, following my dreams and helping others foster their own creative lifestyles and live their dreams, too. Those are what I talk about on this blog.

These things, as well as my dog Charley, my husband Joseph, thrift stores and I probably don't even need to say it...Pinterest, inspire me.

My Stats:
  • B.S in Print Journalism with a Photography minor
  • Masters of Public Administration
  • Freelance Writer/Blogger
  • Expert thrift-store shopper
- Holli Anne

Tyler & Holli met in college where they were both staff members (and News Editors & Editor in Chiefs, respectively!) of the same university paper. Even though they knew each other they didn't really start talking until after college! Bonding over their jobs as freelancers they Facebook chatted like crazy and haven't stopped since!

Now they are pretty much bestie boos! (Yes, you read that right..."bestie boos!")

Everyday they put their noggins together and research, write, and create content they hope will inspire!

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  1. Saw your post on Sunday Morning Sugar's Facebook page and had to pop over. I'm a blogger, too! :) Nice to find your spot on the web--we have a lot in common!



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