Almost There: Dude Turns 24

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dude Turns 24

I've celebrated three birthdays with Dude and with each one I get more and more excited! I have the mindset that every year you celebrate a birthday you have a very wonderful reason to celebrate. Each new year is a victory and a blessing. Now, when I'm a little older, I'm sure I'll start hiding my real age and do the whole Nanny Fine deal and be 29 for a very long time. However, right now I love birthdays!

Dude's birthday is actually today (Oct. 8) but one of his best friend's had a birthday on Oct. 5 so instead of a party at home, we hit up downtown for some night life. Normally I would have taken TONS of pictures but we were having too much fun! So this is why no blog happened Saturday.

Fun fact: Dude shares a birthday with his father who also is a twin. On his actual birthday we will be partying with the whole family! So, Dude got some presents early!

Another fun fact: Walmart has some pretty fun exercise shirts going on right now!

These two wonderful finds weren't the only presents I gave Dude. We're really into video games over here so (with Dude's new flat screen from his parents) I got him Borderlands 2! He was very excited and we immediately started to play.

In conclusion, we had a great weekend with very little picture evidence minus a few phone pictures. Sorry! I'll be better next time!

If you go to Walmart and find any more fun shirts, take a picture and send it this way! Or if you already have one of your own, don't hesitate!

Side note: I haven't had short hair in a very long time. Look at the madness when I curled it!

Crazy face!

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