Almost There: DONE with UNDONE

Thursday, December 19, 2013


So, I wrote a book a month or so ago for a contest. It took me a week and totaled around 45,000 words. I called it UNDONE and it was sloppy, rushed, and 10,000 words shy of where it needed to be but, by golly, I finished it!

I didn't go on to the next tier of the contest but what could be more exciting than finally being able to say I finished a book from beginning to end? An editor contacting me asking for a longer, revised copy of my manuscript. Which is what happened!

Two days ago I resubmitted UNDONE, much happier with the plot, characters, and length (57,000~ words)!

Now I'm back to baby this lovely blog while also working on another manuscript which will be something of a Paranormal Romance > Cozy Mystery type deal. My future posts will revolve around books, writing things, and Pinterest obsessions!

What to expect in the very near future
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(This is a teaser cover I made! Photo cred: C. Elizabeth Vescio)

-Tyler Anne (aka Chick Tyler)
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