Almost There: Confounding Corners of Doom

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Confounding Corners of Doom

I am the QUEEN of clutter. You think your tiny space has a lot going on? Probably can't compare to mine. Over the years I've squashed most of my pack rat urges but there are just some things I can't quite let go of. So I put random trinkets in plastic tubs, boxes or just let them roam freely throughout the apartment. A part of me is deeply ashamed at my lack of will power but some tendencies are too hard to let go of sometimes! (It also doesn't help that I live with Dude who doesn't believe in organization or, for the matter, laundry baskets.)

I probably could have continued to live my life as the Ruler of Unnecessary Clutter but since I work from home, I get a 24/7 view of messy clutter and I just can't take it anymore!

So, with one of the MANY To Do lists I've acquired, I've decided to tackle the confounding corners of doom that reside in my apartment. For all of you out there who live in tiny spaces but have a lot of things (whether unnecessary or not) you may have one or two of these.

What are CCDs?

Confounding Corners of Doom: Corners in rooms that have accumulated stacks, boxes, plastic containers, shoe boxes, bags, or standalones of random items that have no business being in the corner. They are eyesores and collect yucky dust and feelings of shame.

I have two CCDs.

One is in the living area, tucked between the couch and the sliding glass door, right behind a chair. It does not blend, it isn't hidden and it taunts me with its ugliness.

You may say, "Hey that picture is kind of dark." And I respond with a nod. I didn't use a flash so I could try to hide some of the details. 
Things this CCD contains:
  • Two plastic tubs of my many art supplies left over from college (Design major, what what!).
  • One long plastic tub FILLED TO THE BRIM with Dude's movies. 
  • One MORE plastic tub filled with some of my movies.
  • Milo's cat tunnel (in my defense, it moves around the living room often)!
  • Four random Dude books.
  • A brown bag with yarn for Milo in it.
  • Shame.

Now to my second CCD which is located in my poor cluttered office.

Things this CCD contains:
  • My poor forgotten desk, shoved in the corner. 
  • Just a small taste of the books I own (I only have the one book case).
  • A lot of random items such as: tennis balls, an empty Sprite can, sunblock (that glitters), cups of pens that don't work and pencils that are broken, an empty picture frame, carpet stain remover, a lunchbox (yes, lunchbox) full of makeup and sticky notes galore.
  • Beneath is another plastic tub filled with scrap booking things and crafty things.
  • On top of that tub a little plastic container with Dude's Pokemon card collection (it's beastly).
  • A box filled with more books.
  • My trusty TV that should be in storage.
  • Another plastic tub beneath the TV that's filled with Dude's books.
  • The end of the futon. (Did I mention my office is also the guest bedroom?)
So now you've seen my two CCDs and know the shame I carry. Well enough is enough! I will be spending the next few days working on freeing up my corners!

What I plan to do within the next few days with this:
  1. Edit EVERYTHING! Keep what I need and not those random things that could easily be thrown away.
  2. Find a different space for my items and try to put them all in their right collections. (Craft things with other craft things. Books with other books.)
  3. Make it look FABULOUS.
  4. Attempt to do it without buying anything! (But if I do, keep it cheap!)
I will post my progress and hopefully it will inspire you to fight your own CCDs! Feel free to share your experiences in a comment or an email!

Good luck!

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