Almost There: Plan of Attack: Living Room Shame

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Plan of Attack: Living Room Shame

Why I thought  I was going to be able to do a little drilling and hammering and making CCD No. 1 (what is a CCD?) dissapear is beyond me. When I told Dude what I was going to do he promptly told me that today was Football. I would not be drilling or hammering. I would not be a distraction. I would not touch the TV. Living in the South, that start of football is sacred.

So instead I brainstormed, drew a very rough sketch and Pinterested my little heart out.

I decided to tackle the living room first if only because we entertain a lot. My office is more or less off limits unless someone stays over and uses my futon. So I stood and looked at the living room's CCD and decided I wanted to tackle our two plastic bins of movies and video games first.

Once the DVDs are taken out of the long bin on the right and the short one under Milo's bag of yarn, we would have two empty containers for the storage room!

Now, the above picture is what I am going to ATTEMPT to do with all of these DVDs. If you looked up DVD storage in Pinterest (because that's where I always go first) you will find awesome ideas and products...that are way out of my price range. After driving that route for a while, I hit a dead end then searched book storage instead.

That's when I found this:

Easy, inexpensive and effective. Not to mention, once the DVD boxes are all stacked amongst the four different areas I drew above, it will bring an interesting look to the living room. From the couch we will be able to search through all of the movies without moving. Once we pick one, we won't have to move odds and ends out of the way or bend over until we find the one we are looking to watch. (We're not lazy I promise!)

However, I'm concerned about the space above the right side of the TV. It's not as wide (it leads into the hallway) so visually it would be awkward. That space needs to have some kind of (preferably)  functional decoration. I would also like to hang a piece of art above the TV. I'm thinking mirror to open up the small room. 

This project is my goal for tomorrow. It won't completely destroy the living room's CCD but it will weaken it considerably. 

We'll just have to see how it goes!

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