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Monday, September 10, 2012

R29 Love

If you don't get Refinery29's weekly R29 Shops update in your email inbox then shame on you! R29 makes me want to pull out my credit card and buy EVERYTHING! This week's highlights really caught my attention. So I decided to highlight my favorite highlights!

Give it a looksie!
Mafalda Comme Des Garcons Shirt: White Oxford Shirt Bolero | Mafalda '70s Knit Dress: Coral Metallic Knit Maxi | Mafalda Silk Farm Dress: Indian Print Silk Dress

Shop Dormify
Dormify #NBD Pillow: Canvas #nbd Pillow | Dormify Pop Pillow: Vinyl Ultra-Gloss Pillow | Dormify Paisley Pouf: Indigo Paisley Pouf


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  1. You have such a cute blog! I love all your posts, they're so fun and inspirational. I'll definitely be following :)



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