Almost There: Late Night DIY: Mini Piñata

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Late Night DIY: Mini Piñata

I never thought I'd tell myself that I need to practice making piñatas but low and behold that's what I said just minutes ago. 

See, I'm planning a party in the next few months and was trying out different ideas I had found on the web. You know, cool DIY projects and the like. When I saw a mini piñata I just had to try it. So I got a cereal box out, found some tissue paper and grabbed some tape and glue and got to work.

It did not go as I had expected. This DIY project should be done during the day when sleepiness isn't a factor and playing loud music isn't frowned upon. Either way, I spent a good hour on Bobby the Piñata (and I only did the one side!)  so I'm going to share my dramatic-looking pictures of the less-than-perfect job this sleepy blogger performed. (I will do this again very soon!)

Doesn't Bobby look so intense?


1 comment:

  1. Somehow when we were talking the other night I missed the detail that these were all connected to a party you were planning. Now it all makes a little more sense. :)



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