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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Boutique Chic: Outfitting Awesome

Today a very lovely thing happened. I had a potential client meeting (I own and operate a social media business that helps out local businesses) and after confirming the first client, I was excited to get a SECOND client before leaving!

I'm not going to ramble on about either business because, technically, it isn't 100% finalized (I always feel better after the paper work is done)! However, I will say that one is a boutique and I couldn't be more excited!

I've never had a fashion-related client. I deal mostly with flooring and roofing companies, home decoration stores and local magazines. So to have a fashion-based store to work for opens up new and exciting doors for me. (LookBook & more Polyvore here I come!)

Since it's not 100% yet I'll leave the rest of business talk until later. BUT I would like to mention my last-minute shopping trip and what I wore to meet a very fashionable business owner and her equally fabulous boutique.

I may follow fashion blogs, love Polyvore, swivel over to LookBook a lot and have a design degree but I would never claim to have a consistent style. My personal stance is that there is nothing sexier than a pair of form-fitting, skinny blue jeans. If it was socially acceptable, I would wear my skinny jeans and heels over a dress every social occasion. Now, since I've gotten out of college, I realize I have started to crave a broader clothing palate.

So to Forever 21 I went!

1.) Shirred Boxy Shirt (Taupe) | Forever 21 | Link, link
2.) High-Rise Shorts w/ Belt (Charcoal) | Forever 21 | Link, link
3.) Rocket Dog MEMORIES Black | Shoe Station | Link, link
4.) Color Sensational Coral Crush | Maybelline | Link, link
5.) bareMinerals Ready The Grand Finale - brilliant gold/ deep royal blue | bareMinerals | Link, link
6.) High Gloss blue awesomeness | Forever 21 

I also wore sheer black hose, straightened my hair and wore decorative black floral earrings. I wanted something that stated I wasn't a slacker but that still had personality. I did the smokey eye with bareMinerals Ready eyeshadow so that the deep royal blue coupled with the blue of my purse.

The shirt also had cuffed sleeves (I couldn't find it on the website so I went with the closest thing) so it was comfy and not hot. The shirt, purse and shorts were $56 collectively. I purchased the eye shadow and lipstick back in the day and ON SALE PEOPLE! The shoes were also on sale for $20 ALSO back in the day. With my limited budget I make sure to use what I have as much as I can. I know that isn't the most fashionable mindset but my bank account thanks me. 

All-in-all, I am happy with my mostly Forever 21 purchases. The outfit was comfy, looked nice and got my point of professionalism across. If you have a Forever 21 in your town, check it out! 

And here's a picture of my thoughtful Milo.


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