Almost There: Anthropologie Love

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Anthropologie Love

 I will know I have made it in life when I can comfortably shop at Anthropologie. My future dream house will be more than happy to have these few items in it. Not to mention I'll be quite happy too!

1.) Ombre Velvet Pillows | Link, link
2.) Ridged Zinc Pot | Link, link
3.) Pretty Pansy Vase | Link, link Curvy Chrysanthemum | Link, link
4.) 712 More Things To Draw | Link, link
5.) Take The Day By Claire Desjardins | Link, link
6.) At My French Table: Food, Family And Joie De Vivre In A Corner Of Normandy | Link, link
7.) Abici Sveltina Donna Bicycle | Link, link
8.) Kistler Sofa | Link, link
9.) Just Being Audrey | Link, link


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