Almost There: Monthly Report Card: May Resolutions

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monthly Report Card: May Resolutions

For our May Resolutions post go here
For Kelli's May Resolutions (the inspiration) go here.

Holli Anne's Report Card:

1. Run that 5K: A-
I actually ran the 5K today, which is June 2, BUT since that's only two days difference, I think it still counts. I also missed some training time because of some hardcore pollen issues, so I'm proud to report this one. I'm also so glad to report I'm injury free!

2. Write daily on my book: C
Yeah, this one needs some major work. I had a week of just major creative block, not exclusive to my book. I've finally gotten back in a groove, but even that needs improving. This will be my TOP goal for June.

3. Finish painting my house! F
On Friday when I remembered this was a goal, I considered manically finishing the paint job, but I didn't. Anyway, it will probably take me an hour tops, but something about having to move furniture is just getting me down. 

4. No boxes in my house: A+
I am OH, so proud of this! There are absolutely no unpacked boxes in my house, and for the most part, things are where they need to go. There is still some major organization to be done, but I'm happy with the progress and finally feel like our house is "normal."

Tyler Anne's Report Card:

1. Get to that 75 percent marker of my book: C-
I didn't make it to 75 percent but I did manage to push a little closer. HOWEVER, I may or may not have written MORE on another project...that now is in the lead. So, sure I didn't make it to that 75 percent marker but I did almost make it to the halfway marker of the other book. That, I feel, compensates just a little?

2. Finish and distribute my super secret project for Almost There: A+
My super secret project (that wasn't that secret) was a writing prompt book! I indeed finished it and put it on Almost There's Etsy shop. However, I wanted to take it a step further and decided to try my hand at Amazon's self publishing. So, if you want to purchase my eBook (The Dark Side of Writing: 35 Writing Prompts) go here!

3. Walk/jog for an hour everyday: D
I was good at this for a week. Then I digressed. However, I did start swimming so that's cool too?

4. Find a place to put all of my books!!!!!: F
I failed this...again. Someone build me an awesome bookcase?

Almost There Resolutions:

1. Evolve the writer side of this blog: A
We are really happy about this one. We've been posting Writer Talk posts weekly (here, here and here) and our Writer Talk Facebook group is growing.
2. Keep posting new prompts/discussions daily at Writer Talk: A-
The beginning of the month we were banging on all cylinders with this goal. New posts, new scenes, tons of interaction. However, the world still manages to go on and the Writer Talk group collectively got busy so daily prompts weened down to weekly prompts. I don't view this as a failure, though. It was just a change that helped everyone out! We are still oh-so proud of this group! If you want to join go here.

3. Bring more interviews/guest blogs to the site: A
We had three really awesome guests on our blog last month, and we have plans to keep that going in June, too. We just love hearing from other creative people doing what they do best, and we hope you do as well! If you missed them, here are our interviews with Josh from Blimey Cow, Joe from Story Cartel and Edward from Edward Fieder Photography!

4. Work on our individual projects that we will put on Etsy: A+
Tyler rocked this by publishing her writing prompts book The Dark Side of Writing! We also put our blog consultations up, along with our ecourse on social media for your blog!

For Kelli's May Report Card (over at She Learns as She Goes) go here.

How did YOU do?

-The Annes

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