Almost There: TV Inspiration: Holli's Summer Series

Thursday, May 30, 2013

TV Inspiration: Holli's Summer Series

Summer is all about treating yourself, right? That's why I thought that Parks and Recreation would be the perfect choice for me for our summer TV series. TREAT YO' SELF! 

If you didn't catch Tyler's first post about our summer TV series (where she announced she'll be doing Lost), check it out here. The short version is that each of us are choosing one show and pulling writing inspiration, DIY ideas, advice and just a lot of fun from the show. 

What does this mean for my series?

Well, if you are a fan of the show, you can imagine some grilling Ron Swanson style, some waffles and inspiration Leslie Knope's way and maybe even some healthier things to ease Chris Trager's mind! 

Even if you aren't a fan, the DIYs, recipes and who knows what else will still be cool things you can enjoy. You just might not laugh as hard as we Parks fans will!

Why did I choose Parks and Recreation?

Parks and Rec is a lot different than Lost, huh? (I actually have only seen the LAST episode of Lost. Oops!) I guess I just wanted to go with something that is particularly inspirational to me…and funny. I love me some TV comedies and laughing, and well, summer just seems like a good time to do that!

Hands down, it's one of my favorite shows. It's actually a contender for "favorite show of all time," but I don't choose those until the whole series airs. (The other contender is Arrested Development). Probably one of the other things I love about it is that people ALL the time tell me I'm Leslie Knope.

I'm just generally pumped about life, energized, passionate about change and maybe a little fond of breakfast food. Oh, and Joe Biden (not a political statement). 

It's not just vanity, though. Leslie Knope as a character is an awesome role model, and all the characters are just too cool for school. Plus, I already have tons of ideas to treat myself (and hopefully yo' self, too!) 

The way this works is simple: I'll just watch a few of these episodes (starting at season 1) a week and blog about something inspired. If you wanna follow along and catch some of the jokes, then Netflix with me! Or, if you're already a fan, then prepare to flash back to the beginning. 

Next week we'll both do our first posts. 

1 comment:

  1. I'm so excited! You know Parks and Recreation is one of MY FAVORITE SHOWS TOO! Leslie Knope FOREVER!

    (and my love, Ben Wyatt!)



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