Almost There: Dinner Party Fun: In-Home Hibachi

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dinner Party Fun: In-Home Hibachi

Last July 4, ironically, some of our friends introduced us to the concept of homestyle Hibachi. MIND BLOWN.

It was seriously one of the more fun dinner experiences we've ever had. It's perfect for a quaint dinner party or even a fun date night, which is what we did last night. Because the food cooks slowly in front of you, it ends up taking a couple hours to go through the meal and what better conversation piece than cooking your own food?!

Another great perk is that there is very little you have to do ahead of time to prepare for the feast. 

All you need is a table top griddle (in our case used on the floor), whatever meats and vegetables you want, oil and a side of rice or noodles, if that's how you roll. (It's how we roll!)

We also had some asian sauces (soy sauce, thai peanut and a hot chili sauce that was OH, so hot!) 

The only preparation is cutting up the veggies and meat (marinaded if you choose) and cooking the rice. 

Whether you are using a table top or the floor, just make sure you put some newspaper underneath to catch any splattering. Then you just turn that sucker on and get busy cooking. Enjoy your company and the end result!

Has anyone ever had a dinner party like this or done homestyle hibachi?

—Holli Anne

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