Almost There: The Dark Side of Writing: 35 Writing Prompts

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Dark Side of Writing: 35 Writing Prompts

I did it! I finally did it! I finished the writing prompt workbook that I've been...well, writing!

It's called The Dark Side of Writing: 35 Writing Prompts and I have to say it was a blast to make.

So, what exactly is the "dark side" you may ask?

Well it's all of those topics that are a bit harder to write--the nastier, grittier side of life. In this workbook I touch on the topics of dead bodies, murder, sex, drugs, and a few more interesting issues that you may have lurking in your book.

You aren't writing a book? The Dark Side of Writing can be used to just exercise your writing technique. The 35 prompts are made to push you to get out of your writer's comfort zone and address real life situations with a few different perspectives.

Here are the 11 sections:

Let the bodies hit...well, wherever
Act of Killing
Drop that F-Bomb
WHAM BAM, thank you ma'am (and sir)
GO BIG OR GO a little less big
Sweet Jesus, it's a scar!
I can get sexual too!
Drugland (Alcohol not included)
Go Home, You're Drunk
Hate is a strong word

I admit, I had some fun coming up with the names of each section but I had even more fun writing each. Some of the content may seem offensive but I promise it's justified!

To give you a little taste of The Dark Side, here's the copy from Section Eight (I can get sexual too!):

Section Eight
I can get sexual too!

Yes, yes, yes. This section is about sex. Why is writing about sex in The Dark Side of Writing? Well, not all sex scenes in books should be lovemaking, cute and cuddly reads. Sometimes you can’t (shouldn’t) just rush over an important sex scene or skip it altogether because you don’t want to be 50 shades of embarrassed.

Sex is natural. Writing a sex scene that’s needed to further your plot or character growth should be too. The following three writing prompts are to help you get out of your comfort zone and more comfortable with sensual scenes and horny characters.

Get sexy!

Prompt One
Your main character and this other person have known each other a while now and something suddenly changes between them—there’s this explosion of sexual tension. Ease this by having them do the big YOU KNOW WHAT!
Remember, these characters need to know each other and have some sort of pre-existing relationship. (I.e. casual friends, best friends, work colleagues, etc.)

Prompt Two
Your main character needs to basically have a one-night stand. Before you complain, remember—this is a writing prompt. It’s meant to exercise your writing.
Take your main character and put them in a place where they meet someone. It can be a drunken meeting, a heat of the moment situation, or just an I’m-really-sad-about- something-so-help-me-be-less-sad-and-lonely deal.
Bottom line: Write a sex scene in which your main character isn’t that familiar with the person in the scene with them. This will make you address a different side of your main character as they navigate uncharted territory—physically and emotionally.

Prompt Three
Your main character is about to have sex with his/her nemesis. This is by far my favorite situation to write about.
Write a scene in which your main character is fighting with the nemesis but then, something changes and well...they have sex. This also will address the way your main character thinks and acts towards the nemesis during and after.

I hope you enjoyed the sex portion of The Dark Side! Want to see the rest of the sections? Go here to purchase The Dark Side! Only $10!

-Tyler Anne (aka Chick Tyler)

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