Almost There: Fan Fiction Authors, Become Published!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fan Fiction Authors, Become Published!

Oh sweet mother of fan fiction, my day just got a few Elena and Damon shippers better.

Amazon just made me one happy nerd.

It should be no surprise to you that I used to be crazy into writing and reading fan fiction over at In fact, my very old account is still active with stories about Kingdom Hearts and Inuyasha.

Yeah, yeah, I know I didn't finish them but give me a break. I was young and a closet fan fiction FANATIC. I remember being absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter stories in which Hermione and *gasp* Draco got together. Crazy right?

Not really. I came across several stories in which the user created chapter after chapter of compelling content and wonderful character continuity that would have J.K. Rolling question if she had actually written it or not. Sure, there were some stories I read that were riddled with spelling and grammatical errors and just flat out bad writing. Some just wanted to be in the story so badly they made their own character and traipsed through the fictional halls of Hogwarts with an unforgivable arrogance.  However, those few stories that actually surpassed all of my high, Harry Potter expectations made me want Draco and Hermione to get together. They did research in the previous books, they kept everything in the already established world J.K. Rolling created going smoothly, and they made me wait on pins and needles for the next chapter.

Why is that such big deal?

Well, Amazon just debuted a licensed publishing program for fan fiction.

Be still my nerdy, little heart.

This, in the simplest of terms, means that you fan fiction writers out there might be able to be published and earn royalties doing so. Now, this new program won't support every fan work--not all copyrighted franchises are a part of it.

However, according to a Publisher's Weekly post, Amazon Publishing has negotiated licensing agreements in advance with such properties as L.J  Smith's Vampire Diaries and Warner Bros. These, along with other copyright holders, will support Kindle Worlds.

Kindle Worlds is a new commercial publishing program that will enable fans to create original works based on established franchises...aka the fan fiction you write up. According to this post, June is when Kindle Worlds self-publishing portal will be available for fan to upload their fan fiction.

Kindle Worlds will allow writers to sell their stories in the Kindle store under a broad licensing agreement that will pay both the fans AND the copyright holders. Under that license, Amazon will pay the license holders a royalty and will also pay the fan fiction author a 35% royally of net revenue for stories of at least 10,000 words. This is based on list price, not wholesale. You will get paid royalties monthly.

Did it just get hot in here? Because I just broke out into a very excited sweat. Too much info? Too bad, I'm over the moon about this new turn in the publishing world.

I will keep everyone updated on the list of the copyright holders that decide to throw in with this new program. Will you write a fan fiction and submit it?

Which franchise are you hoping will be included in the program?

-Tyler Anne (aka Chick Tyler)

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