Almost There: Pinterest Love: The Baker

Monday, May 20, 2013

Pinterest Love: The Baker

No surprise that I love me some Pinterest. It's one of the first sites I visit when I start up my lovely little Mac. Out of all of the social media sites I use, Pinterest is my favorite. I repin for me and me only. Lately though, I've been getting an influx of followers and that couldn't make me happier.

So, to incorporate more Pinterest in your life and mine, I've decided to do one post a week that focuses on the addicting and amazing site.

I'm calling it Pinterest Love and each week I'll search a word or phrase and make a board using some of the results. Sound boring? Nope! It's fun!

For this week's Pinterest Love I searched "The Baker." The top picture and the following mini board are my favorites from the results!

Hope you enjoy!

To find these individual pins, go here to my new Pinterest Love board. You can trace them all back to their original owners that way. My Pinterest profile can be found here.

-Tyler Anne (aka Chick Tyler)

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