Almost There: Monthly Report Card: June Resolutions

Monday, July 1, 2013

Monthly Report Card: June Resolutions

Let's be real here, not every month's resolutions are going to be met with the diligence they deserve. Life gets busy, priorities shift, and not everything goal gets addressed in full.

It's fine.

Last month's resolutions post can be found here. As always, we are joining She Learns as She Goes in doing a monthly report card. Her report card can be found here.

Holli Anne's Report Card:

1. Write every morning! D
You know how people usually set goals and then get all gung-ho about them at first? Total opposite this month. I woke up and wrote in the mornings probably three times this month. However, I DID write at other times and make some great progress on outlining/character development for CampNaNoWriMo (where I will be writing the first draft of my book this month)! Just not in the mornings, most likely…

2. Keep up my running schedule A-
I definitely have kept running up. I haven't really gotten much faster on my times or anything, but I've been exercising regularly, which is the most important thing for me at this point.

3. Continue down the healthy eating track B+
I'm pretty happy with our household eating habits these days! We aren't like totally off the sugar/junk food, but we have cut back A LOT! The gluten-free diet wasn't really improving my husband's skin condition, so we've decided it's not for us, but we are still going to keep many of the healthy habits we've developed and go easy on the carbs/bread.

4. Read my heart out! B-
My goal was to finish all my unfinished books that I've started. There were five. I read 3.5…so progress?

5. Paint my house! FFFFF

Just hit me in the face if you ever see me in person.

Tyler Anne's Report Card:

1. Have a successful first part of TV Inspiration: Lost! D-
The ONLY reason I gave myself a D- instead a flat out F is because I loved the one TV Inspiration post I did (here). Why haven't I done more? Well, life happened and I couldn't watch enough Lost every night to be able to write true to what I originally wanted to do with TV Inspiration. Now, I'm not giving up on this series, I just didn't stay true to my "every week" thing. Whoops!

2. Keep true to my "diet" B
I'm pretty proud of my whole counting calories "diet." It's made me shun most of the sugar I craze and I'm at a better weight for my height now. I just have to be a little bit stronger with what I take in during the weekends. I have a tendency to smudge the numbers then!

3. Write 8 pages (or more!) everyday C
Wow, I was certainly ambitious last month with this goal! I've been writing everyday, but definitely not 8 pages per day. Stay tuned to July's resolutions to see how this ambitious goal gets amplified to straight up ridiculous! 

4. Read all the unread books currently on my Nook F
Okay, I had 8 unread books. I read one and a half. SO SUE ME!

Almost There's Report Card:

1. Be more active on our Facebook page C
Remember, we have both been social media managers for others as a part of our past/current jobs. So, when it comes to doing the Facebook dance for the blog, we aren't all up in it because we get social media tired. We are getting better at it though, slowly! Go see for yourself.

2. Stick to our blogging schedule B
No, we aren't counting our blogging series. It's fine. Everything else we are proud about!

-The Annes

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  1. I love the Report Card idea. I do Quarterly Goals and then write about how I did, but I might just start "grading" myself!



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