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Friday, August 16, 2013

The back of our books

So, what are these books we've been talking so much about? If they had covers and all, this is what you might find on the back of the books! Both of our titles are very much in progress, but we'd love some feedback on our summaries!

Conner Moon, the son of a Senator and a rising star in the Mobile District Attorney's office, has lived a pretty comfortable life in south Alabama with one exception: the death of his sister.

When an disheveled woman shows up at his front door 13 years later looking for help, Conner discovers his sister, Danni, might not be as dead as he thought.

As Conner seeks out his long-lost sister, he finds himself tangled in a web of lies about his past and comes face to face with a truth he isn't sure he can handle: his greatest enemy is a lot closer than he ever imagined.

With the help of his wife and his best friend, Conner must tackle dangerous territory and countless dead ends to save the one person that will keep his world together before its too late. 

--Holli Anne

Goodwyn knows one thing for certain: telling the truth can be deadly. After a hormone-driven fight leads to her mother’s suicide, she vows to never let her web of lies get tangled again.

Fast-forward eight years later, she's consumed her life in lies and the real Goodwyn has fallen between the cracks. That is, until she meets a man who offers her a job at an interactive PR company—a position that would utilize her lying strengths while paying her the big bucks for it. She would be a part of a team of fellow liars—each with a secret past that may put her own horror to rest.

Before she can officially accept, she is thrown into a job that puts her deep into the throngs of rich socialites, sexist old men, and straight into a world that she has to pretend she’s always belonged to, all in order to uncover the plans of a handsome billionaire…or to be there when the bottom falls out afterward. What was supposed to be a fact-finding job turns into a painful, terrifying, and eye-opening experience that leaves Goodwyn questioning everything.

Now Goodwyn is caught in an underground war between two powerful groups, the desire to finally tell the truth, and the promise she made to herself long ago to uphold her new life of lies at all costs. A struggle made harder by the new reality that the people the company are interested in are a little more extraordinary than she thought.

--Tyler Anne

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