Almost There: The Wasted Book Club + VASSASSINS

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Wasted Book Club + VASSASSINS

Want to know what's sexy?

Book clubs.

Want to know what's even sexier?

A book club dedicated to The Wasted Series by C. Elizabeth Vescio.

I know, I know...we talk about her and the series A LOT around here. Read the first book and you'll see why.

So, back to heart of the matter--The Wasted Book Club.

Starting next month, I want to hold a few online discussions where we can talk about "Elegantly Wasted" (book one in the series) and what we liked, what we loved, and everything else EW-related. I'll provide fun, naughty, and thought-provoking questions along with fun tidbits from Author C. Elizabeth Vescio herself!

I understand that not everyone has a webcam so I'll be looking for a text-based, chat solution to accommodate us all! (If you have any suggestions feel free to leave in a comment or email me at!)

For now I'd like to share the link to sign up: click this, you lovely creature,  you.
Don't worry, I'll keep you in the loop!

Now, let's talk about something kickass for a second.

Starting today you can become a Vassassin

What the what? Listen, it's the damn bee's knees.

The Vassassins are a group of people (chicks AND dudes) that make up a street team for C. Elizabeth Vescio and The Wasted Series. What's a street team? It's a support system for both the author and the series--a gathering of readers and fans ready to help promote both. 

Not to mention, once you become a Vassassin, you'll be a part of killer community!

Sign up and you get access to a point system that, if you decide to participate, can yield some badass rewards. Not to mention you'll get access to some awesome resources that any fan of the series will love. 

Need more info.? Go here! Want to sign up? Go here!

Have any questions? Email me at

Did I mention I'm team captain? Because I AM!

#vassassin out!

-Tyler Anne (aka Chick Tyler)

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