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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Color Rush

Today I have blogged about color for two different clients. How one color can transform décor, a room, or an entire house. It can make you feel inspired, warm, cozy, creative, and so much more. The hunt to find that perfect color or colors is an exciting adventure that I love to take part in.

So for Just for Women Magazine I decided to go with four pictures where pink worked for me.

I used to hate the color pink. I mean I detested it. Why have pink when you can have blue? However, I've found a soft spot for it now. Whether it's watered down or neon, if you use it right then you can improve your décor and home! Which pink do you like more? I'm digging the floors in the bottom left!

Next I got on Pinterest and browsed Free People's Pinterest (can I just say how much I love Free People?!) and picked out a few pictures where the colors just caught my eye. It was just a fun article with beautiful pictures that will hopefully entertain and inspire! 

Love, love, LOVE those balloons!

That. Wall.

Basically I just want everything in all of the above pictures. I think it's all beautiful, creative, and unique!

What do you think? Which ones did you enjoy?

1 comment:

  1. wow, what inspiration! some of the color in these photos are outrageous. loving the yellow wall with the lilacs, the green wall interior and the wood table and coral wall.

    i also used to hate pink, but now i feel like there is a time and place for it. thinking about it, i actually use it a lot! it's like a "don't take things so seriously" color. haha

    how have you been dear? hope you enjoy the weekend.

    xox, amber



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