Almost There: Living Healthy: Before You Start

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Living Healthy: Before You Start

If you follow my blog posts then you've already seen the post about me getting on a diet (here). Basically I got very lucky and met a man named Paris Arey. He runs a Bouari Clinic in Huntsville, Alabama and he hired me to be his social media consultant & blogger. Again, each time I meet with him I am amazed at the sincere passion he has for helping people to live healthier lives. It is just inspiring. 

So, a few weeks ago I started participating in the program and let me tell you it works.

Within two weeks I lost seven pounds (5 from my waist) and have never felt better! I have more energy than ever and my sleep schedule has been righted because of it!

However, I am starting to blog for Bouari as if I am starting the diet now. So go here for the first official Bouari post! The rest of the posts I will write for Bouari and for Almost There!

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