Almost There: I'm on a Diet!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm on a Diet!

Diet, schmiet was my exact thought when I tried to plan a way to lose weight after college. This thought was followed by "just workout A LOT instead!" But then I moved to a new city, started a business and got an apartment. I began juggling these things and the plan to workout A LOT went out the window. Not to mention, I had an arsenal of excuses ready to make me feel better about not doing a darn thing!

However, through my job (social media consultant) I was able to meet a great, caring man who runs a health and wellness center. His name is Paris Arey and I was blown away by how passionate he was about helping people achieve their goals and their healthiest self. He runs the new Bouari Clinic of Huntsville (Facebook Page here) and has a staff of smart and compassionate people.

Why the post?

Because I'm participating in a program to help me lose weight the healthy way. Now, friends have called me silly for trying to lose weight but I'm 5'1" and when I gain extra pounds it's very noticeable to me.

My goal: Lose 10 pounds
The program time frame: 25-30 days
When I started: October 27

First, let me clear the air about some things.

This program is healthy. You are not starving yourself and you are not taking pills that are bad for you.
What you are doing is eating specific foods (chicken, certain seafoods, veggies and fruit), taking healthy supplements that help kill your urges, pump up your metabolism and keep you healthy, and drinking a lot of water.
They gave me a booklet of things I could and couldn't eat, as well as all the information I could want so I have the information at my fingertips.

I would go into more detail but I don't want to people to try this without consulting the Bourai Clinic and I don't want to give all the information away for free.

However, I will blog my progress, my slip-ups (already had some...woops!) and some healthy, yummy meals that I never realized were so good!

Wish me luck!

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