Almost There: Saturday Suggestions

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Suggestions

Today I have so many things to do. My to-do list is as long as my leg (though, I have tiny legs...) but I'm in no way complaining. It's almost relaxing to be working in the middle of the living room on my floater desk with my coffee and Dude watching football in the background. It's like white noise...with the occasional curse word.

I will definitely be blogging more today after I bang out some crafty projects.

Until then I suggest you:
  1. Purchase A Beautiful Mess' new e-course here. It's called Blog Design Love and it's fabulous. 
  2. Read Bri Emery's latest blog post here over at DesingLoveFest.
  3. Purchase Fellow Fellow's latest calendar here because they are beautiful and we love her.
  4. STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER and enjoy the rest of your Saturday!
Image can be found here.

1 comment:

  1. That image is lovely. I know about to-do lists..who doesn't right? I hope you got to check all of them off you list!



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