Almost There: Announcement: Social Networking & You Ecourse

Monday, April 29, 2013

Announcement: Social Networking & You Ecourse

We may have mentioned before that both us Annes are social media nerds, though we prefer to say things like experts or gurus. (Self-Confidence building!)

Not only do we love spending our time social networking, but we actually are both social media managers and consultants for different small businesses. After college, the Annes bonded over this fact and decided to start putting our skills together and thus, we have this blog as it is!

We also have been working "behind the scenes," on an ecourse about using social networking for your blog (or business). 

Today, we are SO excited to announce that our Social Networking & You Ecourse is finally ready!
In this ecourse, we take the tools that we use to promote our blog (and the blogs of our freelance clients) to teach ways that you can make social media work for you.

This is a very thorough, step by step kind of program that you can use at your own pace. It is designed for both the well versed and completely clueless social media user, so you can skip around and take what you need from it.

Here's more explanation on what exactly this ecourse entails:
  • -Step by Step instructions on setting up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • -Tips and tricks for using the big four to get people to your blog or site
  • -An overview of smaller social networking sites
  • -Tools for choosing which social sites to invest your time in and exactly how to use them for best results
  • -Guide for pulling all the information together into a personalized social media plan
  • -A PDF you can reference anytime and use at your own pace/experience level to fit your needs
  • -Real life examples of social media in action

In addition, we are making ourselves available for questions that may arise along the way while taking this ecourse. 

Interested in finding out more? Click here.

Let's get social!

—The Annes

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