Almost There: I Dream of Home Improvement

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Dream of Home Improvement

This is mine and my husband's work station today. It's in the middle of our tiny living room on top of an inconveniently big card table. It's in the living room, not the office or bedroom, because this and the kitchen are two rooms we only have semi-finished putting together.

We've been married and "nesting" now for the last month or so, and yes, the house has seen great improvements but boy, there is SO MUCH to go!

I have this habit of wanting everything to be perfect, and I don't want anyone to see until it is. That's why I haven't blogged any of our progress so far.

You know what, though. I decided today I would go ahead and procrastinate my taxes a little longer, to show you some of the things I WANT to do to our home and they are oh, so far from done.

See this bookshelf without any books on it and that wall where the edges aren't painted? The books are just sitting there in boxes because we haven't finished painting the wall, and we figure, it sure would be easier to move that bookshelf without books on it. This is happening this weekend.

These materials are a future banner for our red and yellow kitchen. I think it will be quite adorable!

By far the most embarrassing thing I have to offer: Our future office! It's covered in...well, everything that we can't move until we finish painting.

Curtains. I want to make them for ALL of our windows!

I actually like these throw pillows, but I've had them since I got my first apartment. I think it's time for a change.

These silly little popcorn Christmas tins and coffee canisters are the home of my future container vegetable garden. Of course, I'm going to repaint them, etc., first.

So here it is. I'm showing off my mess! Phew, embarassing. At least it will make it that much more exciting when I show you some pretty things.

Happy Saturday!

—Holli Anne

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