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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Inspiration: Battling Distraction

Lately life has been a little bit…distracting. 

Two rooms in our house are still only half-way painted, my future office is storing all the things we haven't unpacked and I  haven't written on my book in weeks.

This, plus balancing the wonderful distraction that is newlywed life and work…well, it's just plain hard to focus.

Last Friday, this kind of all came to a head for me in the form of a really fun wave of anxiety. 

My strategy when things are just too burdensome? Walk away. 

Not forever, of course, just for the afternoon. Since my lack of office and crazy house were a big point of stress for me, I decided to paint something for my future office. (That, and I know where the paint is located in my home!)

This little painting was particularly fitting for me during my dry spell of writing: Write Something. 

Since almost all of my work involves writing, I wanted this little reminder above me while I work, so I can close the Pinterest browser more often and just focus on writing. 

I've also really been researching for my book I'm writing, which is great, except that I haven't been writing at all on it. 
Just taking the time to paint this while indulging in some shameless crime show watching was the perfect stress relief. 

Hopefully, it will soon find it's new home in my proper office, but for now, this little space will have to do.

Anyone have any fun things they use to keep focused? I'd love to hear!

—Holli Anne

1 comment:

  1. It's true!
    When I need a little bit of distraction, I write or sketch something!
    Colors are needed ;)
    Fashion & DIYs



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