Almost There: Goals for 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goals for 2014

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope you had a fun time surrounded by loved ones and all of that heartwarming jazz! If only the holiday could last a little longer!

Now, it's time for New Year Goals that we oh so want to complete before 2014!
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Tyler Anne's Goals:

I'm not going to lie, my goals are going to be heavily writing-oriented so hang in there with me!

1. Finish writing my newest work in progress! (It's a paranormal romance, cozy mystery, women sleuths type deal!)

2. Get the book from #1 self-published OR very near it!

3. Start working on book number 3, whether it's a sequel or another series!

4. Post to the blog every week! Why? BECAUSE I LOVE IT!

5. The old desire to get more in shape and exercise regularly! We. Shall. See.

Holli Anne's Goals:

This year I'm having a baby! So, I'm going to be a little easy on myself in terms of specifics in goal-setting. Since I've never done this whole parenting thing, I figure I might need to make up some of this as I go.

1. Don't freak out! That's my number 1 goal for this year and if I accomplish nothing else but this one, I'll be pleased as punch. Sure, it might be hard to control, but I plan to do this just by doing my best not to entertain negative thoughts/emotions as much as possible.

2. Invest in the community more. This includes getting actually involved in a church and maybe some other things around town as we get to know this place better.

3. Continue working toward healthy living. Yes, this is super vague. But last year I started running and eating a lot healthier, and mainly, I just want to keep those things up. I also want to work on getting chemicals out of my house with natural cleaning products...and who knows what else. I'll take it as it comes!

4. Establish a new writing routine. I'm thinking with a child on the way, this is something that will have to change and grow as he does. Mainly, the goal is to keep writing!

5. Speaking of writing, I'm also with Tyler Anne on this on here at least once a week because I love it.

6. Read double what I read last year.

Do you guys have any New Year's goals? We'd love to hear what you will be doing in 2014!

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