Almost There: What does your patio say about you?

Monday, January 20, 2014

What does your patio say about you?

We love to decorate our homes. There’s no two ways about it. Indoor decor is a must while outdoor decor is just plain fun. Some could argue that while a person actually lives inside of a house that the furniture and style that fills it is more important. However, don’t you also spend time outside?

Even though you may spend the majority of your time inside, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress the outside as well! With a plethora of styles created to accommodate any patio space it’s important to find a style that is uniquely you.

Here are four patio designs and what they say about their owners. 

The Elegant Host
When there’s a dinner party to be had, you’re the person everyone turns to. With this stainless steel patio furniture elegance from Cabana Coast, you have turned your outdoor eatery into a modern, contemporary, design made to show everyone you’re a classy host. With its stainless steel and matching wicker, this set can look sleek on its own or be dressed up even more with tabletop accents. If your patio design holds this set, you can rest easy knowing that your smart, elegant tastes have finally been realized. 

The Modern Grey Entertainer
This patio scene from West Elm just screams, “We like to entertain!” Showcasing Tillary outdoor modular seating, this set can be separated then rearranged to meet your liking while maintaining a smooth, modern look. Are you having a pool party and want to be able to lounge alongside the swimmers? Move one of the sofas closer. Do you want an intimate seating area to spend time with loved ones and friends after a long day of work? Move it back with the rest of the arrangement. The pops of color keep the eyes appreciating this set while the designer pillows only attribute to the overall cool feeling. This design shows visitors that you aren’t afraid to entertain and look good while doing it.

The Designers
Not only do you like to entertain, you like to “Wow!” This patio scene has a Wayfair 11-piece round sectional that is stylish and sleek with a glass-topped coffee table able to withstand the elements. When your visitors step out and see this combo they’ll know you appreciate good design and know the right ways to inspire awe. You won’t mind their assumptions because you like the praise after spending a good amount of time searching for the right “wow” factor to complete your patio design.

The Eclectic Outdoorsman
You love color. You love contrast. You love being outside. This Banyan Bay patio set from Pier 1 Imports with its colorful accents and additions creates a patio design that shows you’re a lover of the outdoors who isn’t afraid of unique decorations. Your taste is eclectic and fun. This set has synthetic, hand-woven wicker that makes you feel closer to nature while allowing you comfort. You will be able to lounge day or night, cold weather or warm weather with this patio thanks to your love of eclectic design and flair for fun.

So, what does your patio say about you?

- Tyler Anne (aka Chick Tyler)
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1 comment:

  1. I like all of the furniture and the color combos in the Modern Grey Entertainer and Eclectic Outdoorsman posts, but I think the Elegant Host furniture from Cabana Coast is the most practical! And you have a lot of versatility because you can add all different bright colors and table settings, depending on the season! Seems like a great buy to me.



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