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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Craze: Candle Holders

To say I'm not really pumped about Day 9 of Christmas Craze is a bold face lie. I've been wanting to make these candle holders for a long time and finally got down to it! They make my inner child do the happy dance and the adult that I try to be smile. So it is my pleasure to show you this very easy DIY for candle holders that can bring a unique look to your home for the holidays and make your young visitors smile!


What you need:
  • Plastic toy animals that are hollow! I got mine from Target for $3 each in the $1 bin section.
  • Scissors!
  • Free standing candles! I went for the long and skinny ones!
  • Felt!
So the big move happened yesterday and I was just plain optimistic with thinking we would get everything moved in one day. The town house looks like a tornado went through it--the only room with semi order being the kitchen. However, I made sure to bring one of my craft boxes with me so I could do this Christmas Craze. The picture above is a good stretch of Chevron fabric I bought at Hobby Lobby a while back. I plan to make a table runner out of it for Christmas in the next few days. The candle holders I made, I knew I'd want them in the center of the table so I made sure I liked how they all went together.

I loved these two toys from Target and new immediately they would be fun as funky candle holders. I also liked the way they looked on top of the chevron pattern! Also since they aren't really "Christmas" animals they can be used year round!

To make these into candles holders you need to first MAKE SURE they are hollow inside. It's the easiest way to make this DIY work. 

Then you take your scissors and make a wide enough X where you want the candle to go. Now, fun fact: I am a pack rat. I try not to be but over the years I've collected odd things. The two candles I have (pictured up top) were given to me at a college assembly years ago. Since I didn't use them up then I put them in the side of my bag. For YEARS people have asked why I hadn't thrown them away to which I always said "I might need them one day!" Well, that day arrived! I got those candles out of my bag and decided they were perfect!

I made sure the cut was big enough that I could just push the candle inside of the toy. Now, if you really want, you can cut a circular hole and then glue the bottom of the candle there. I didn't want to do that if only for the fact that I want to change out candles eventually.

(Note: Milo sleeping in the background. Once I started working he refused to move!)

With both candles snug I wanted to make them look just a bit more festive but with nothing permanent. That's when I got out my nifty felt! (If you want to know how much I like felt go here.)

Again, I wanted to make sure everything matched to my liking. I had a sheet of glittery green felt that did just the job for me! (Hobby Lobby has a lot of glittery felt!)
Happy with the color, I folded the felt in half and cut out two shapes that I would use as "saddles" for the animals. I then made a hole in the middle just big enough for the candle to fit through!

Then I was done!

Easy, affordable, funky, and unique holiday candles that can be used year round!

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  1. Ooooh I love them! Saw your comment on the Beautiful Mess gold animal ornaments and had to check this out! I think I like the bear best. It would be awesome with polar bears and penguins to put on the dinner table for winter!



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