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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Yes! Book

Sometimes we just need a little positivity, right?

I know I definitely do, so when I heard about my high school friend Jessica Sabo's The 1,000 Yes'es Project, I got really excited!

What the what is that?

Well, Jessica is an art student and decided to spend a semester writing the word "yes" 1,000 times. She also opened the project up for other people to participate. The project was intended as a "study of the word, a meditation on its meaning and because (she) had a giant NO! stuck in (her) gut for too long."

I can often relate to that giant no!, so I not only think that the project was a beautiful one but that I definitely need in my life.

So I made a Yes Book!

What the what, AGAIN?

My yes book, which I covered in yes'es cut out from magazine letters, is a journal where I write things in when I need to suppress that negative "no" voice inside me. It's a no to self-doubt or doubt from others and it's a big, giant, burst of positivity instead.

I write things that I need to believe, like my abilities or even things like the need for someone to get a job.

The latest thing I've written?

Tyler and I are so passionate about this blog, our current community and our future community. We are in a big stage of growing Almost There, and while I don't doubt it will happen, I definitely don't mind sending a big YES in its direction.

Jessica wrapped up her yes project this summer, but I don't think it's time for it to end. She intended this project to have an ongoing, lasting effect anyway. So, let's help her grow it even more.

I personally love having a yes book because it's something me and Joseph can use throughout our lives, and we can look back on the things we've said yes to and literally count our blessings.

What do you need to say yes to? Write it out, paint it, sketch it, carve it, sculpt it—whatever! Make a yes, send it to us and we'll gladly post it here on the blog. 

—Holli Anne

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