Almost There: Merry Homemade Christmas

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Homemade Christmas

You may have noticed from our 12 Days of Christmas Craze, but just in case, I'll go ahead and tell you that I'm pretty into Christmas.

I get so excited about it every year and I start to go handmade crazy. This year I crafted up my fiance a sweet little book of cards, made my mom a birdhouse out of pottery and baked like crazy!

I'm sure no one out there is still making any Christmas presents, but most of these are universal for any time of year, so I thought I'd just share my version of a homemade Christmas!

You may have seen some version of a 52 Things I Love About You book before on Pinterest. This is the one I was inspired by.

For my book, I just flipped the cards over on their pretty sides and wrote in a Sharpie. Then I cut up paint chips and glued them in between the cards onto paper and put them in a photo album. My fiance (and his whole family) loved it.

For his family, we did a ton of baking because really, who doesn't like a bunch of junk food for Christmas?

We made peanut brittle, rocky road fudge, sugar cookies and chocolate peanut butter cookies. We also geniusly took the caramel popcorn out of one of those popcorn tins (because they always have way more than the butter and cheese popcorn) and drizzled it in melted chocolate.

The recipes for peanut brittle and rocky road fudge can be found here. The chocolate peanut butter cookies are ritz crackers with peanut butter in them dipped in melted chocolate. Brilliant, delicious and so simple!
The sugar cookie recipe is a family favorite, but I forgot to bring it with me so I'll blog about those cookies later. We painted brown bags and packaged up all the goodies in there.

Finally, I took a pottery class last year from my friend Walter Black. He doesn't have a Website yet, but when he gets one I'll probably blog about how cool his work is. Anyway, I made my mom a birdhouse because she likes them, and it's a sweet tradition she and I have where I get her birdhouses at Christmas.

 How has your Christmas been? Did you give away any handmade presents this year?

-Holli Anne

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