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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Craze: Felt Ornaments

Oh man, it's December! I'm so pumped and I definitely know that Holli (over at We, Vagabonds) is over the moon about it too! That's why we decided to combine our love for DIY projects and Christmas to do our 12 Days of Christmas Craze (check the ad here)! So many exclamation marks!!!!

Today (Dec. 1) I am starting off the craze by combining three little DIY projects into one. I want it to be noted that the reason this is getting posted so late is because I have a cold and a Milo. These two facts make crafting in a timely manner almost impossible! But, never the less, I hope you enjoy!

I love felt. It's cheap, pretty, and you can make tons of unique things with it. Since I'm in the middle of a move (we actually move next weekend) I got a tiny tree from Hobby Lobby and wanted to make my own little ornaments for my own little tree. So, as I thought about it, I decided to go with mustaches, glitter, and triangles as my first round of handmade ornaments!

First, I'd like to start with my favorite ornament!

What you need:
  • Felt! For one mustache choose two different colors of felt for a fun look!
  • String! You can really use whatever you want as long as you can thread it through a needle.
  • A needle!
  • Poly-Fil! Or something you can stuff the mustache with!

The steps are pretty easy once you have your mustache pieces cut out. Start sewing around the edges but make sure to leave a gap open to stuff both sides of the mustache before sewing the whole thing closed! Once again, I had some Poly-Fil so I used that to stuff the inside.

Then BAM! The mustache was finished! I like it looking a little sloppy so I got a bigger thread so it can be seen easily and also left some of the felt uneven so I could still see the other color when it hangs on the tree. After this I just got some string and attached to the top so I could put it on the tree!
Next I did some glitter felt combos!

What you need:
  • White felt cut in circles!
  • Glitter! I kept it Christmas-y!
  • Two paint brushes
  • Glue of any kind! I used tacky glue because I had a lot of it!
  • Metallic paint! Though you really don't need this. Glue will do.
Take your sponge paintbrush and dip it in your glue. Apply it to your circles and then put your glitter on a plate or in a bowl (that you can throw away afterwards)! Then take your still wet circles and put them in the glitter until a good amount is covered.

I have a tiny tree so I didn't need to cover all of the circle. I just made sure there was a big enough chunk that looked good and then cut out different circles from them after they dried.

I PROMISE you they look way better in person! Just thread a string through them and put them randomly on the tree! Since my little tree doesn't have lights yet, these add some shine to it!

Lastly, the easiest ornament of the bunch!

Am I weird for loving triangles like I do? Because I really do love them. I actually made this first and decided I liked it a whole bunch!

What you need:
  • Felt! Different colors!
  • Thread! I used the same thread from the mustache one.
  • A needle!
This is easy peasy, folks! Stack them the way you like (I did the biggest on bottom and the smallest on top) and then thread them all together making sure to have the knot on the bottom! Then make a loop so you can hang it on the tree!

So there you go! Three easy, quick DIY felt ornaments that may be simple but still are fun! It gives your tree a little bit of unique flare! I will be making more for my tiny tree that Milo tries to eat at every spare moment and post more pictures later! 

Check back every day for more Christmas Craze! More exciting DIY projects are on the way!

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