Almost There: DIY: Make Your Own Herringbone Art

Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY: Make Your Own Herringbone Art

Things I love:

Unique Wall Decor
Multi-functioning Decor
Herringbone Style

...and this DIY combines them all!

I have this wonky bit of wall space in my office that I've been anxious about filling. On top of that want, I've also been really pumped about getting some coasters for the office. So, to Pinterest I went and it was there that I found a pin that linked me to A Teaspoon of Happiness and their post on DIY Canvas Art.

It is a very neat DIY inspired by ANOTHER pin of an expensive herringbone style painting. The DIY by A Teaspoon of Happiness had a very cute way of making their own painting with way less expense. I wanted to try it too!

What I used
4x4 wooden square 
Acrylic paints (from Hobby Lobby)
Washi Tape

Since I wanted something that, depending on how I felt afterwards, would act as either a coaster or wall decor, I wanted to use a wooden square instead of a canvas.

What I did
First I got out about 6 - 8 different paint colors (some I altered by mixing together) and painted random splotches all over until the surface was covered completely.
Then I watched some HGTV while it all dried.

Next I took my washi tape and taped out a design. I didn't use a ruler because I had no patience for that, and just did the whole thing by eyeing it.
Then I took my white paint and painted the space in between the tape. I did two coats. 

After it was dry I removed the tape!

Since I was working with such a small space I decided only to white out one block with my white paint. 

I have to say that I am pretty pumped with the outcome! I'm still on the fence about making it a coaster or wall art! I think I'll go ahead and do some ombre paintings on two other squares I have!

We shall see!

-Tyler Anne (aka Chick Tyler)


  1. That looks really great! I love that you used washi tape to make it. Washi tape is awesome. Hope you're having a great day!



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