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Friday, March 8, 2013

Wedding Stationery: Thinking Outside the Box

This post comes from one of our #hollicon partners, Laurie at Wiregrass Weddings. Wiregrass Weddings is a wedding stationery business, making awesome things like wedding programs, invitations, table numbers, get the idea. They made my wedding programs, and they make cool stuff! Hope you enjoy! —Holli Anne

In the wedding paper business, I get to see a lot of creativity everyday.It's not only in the work we do, but many of our wonderful clients come up with some pretty fun designs.

You good readers of Almost There seem like you are pretty good at thinking outside the box, so that's what my post is on today: What you can do when you don't see exactly what you are looking for.

Wedding programs are the products we sell the most of, but we like to surround ourselves with anything paper: wedding invitations, thank you notes, banners, place cards, table numbers, menus and anything else someone could dream up for their wedding day. 

Whether you are ordering your products from us or somewhere else, here are some ways you can get exactly what you are looking for that you may not see on the site. I'm using the "options" page on our Website as a reference. (Of course, I can't guarantee what other companies will be willing to do but you get the idea!)

1. Paper Colors

We advertise, natural linen, white linen, grey linen and natural astroparche, but have we definitely printed gold and kraft paper wedding programs? YES, we have! 

2. Fonts and Font Colors

Again, we have a certain selection of fonts we offer, but sometimes, you might need something a little different (this is especially true if you are a design nerd). We actually got a new font for Holli Anne's wedding programs so they would match her wedding invitations. The same holds true for font colors. 

3. Ribbon

Ribbon is always a fun way to spruce up and piece of stationery, especially wedding programs. While there are tons of solid-colored ribbons to choose from, there are many a way to put a twist on ribbon. Some of our more vintage brides choose lace or twine instead of ribbon. Others might seek out polka-dotted or other fun-patterned ribbon. 

4. Design

This is where some fun can really begin. Mix and match existing patterns or dividers or add your own twist. If you are a designer yourself, we can even use YOUR designs on your stationery. Imagine that, right? 

5. Wording

This is also where you can make your stationery really scream you, as a couple. While there are many places to search for traditional wedding stationery wording, including our site, there are no rules that say you have to word things a certain way.  How would you say it? Let's just put it THAT way, then!

If you have any other questions about wedding stationery, tweet us at #hollicon and we'll see what we can do! 

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