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Monday, March 11, 2013

Instagram Wedding

Holli got married on Saturday. It was beautiful. We'll have a post about the wedding and the reception soon, but this particular post is about Instagram + weddings.

I used to run a blog (Social Spaz) where I talked about social media and networking sites. I'm kind of addicted to online media so when Holli and I hatched the concept of "#hollicon" I was way excited. See, we wanted everyone as pumped as we were about the upcoming nuptials as well as an umbrella term for everyone attending to use. Starting on Friday, I started Instagraming with the tag #hollicon. The wedding party and Holli were on board too and it became an affectionate term that we would say while rehearsing and decorating. Holli even used the #hollicon logo in the reception's decoration. The MC made announcements to #hollicon! As of now, over 100 pictures were uploaded to Instagram using the #hollicon tag.

At first I thought it was just a fun idea but now I see the potential behind creating a term to tag on Instagram for your wedding and reception. Holli can now search #hollicon and see what her friends were doing and the different pictures her and her new hubby were caught in. She doesn't have to worry about being texted or emailed pictures--she can just use the search option on Instagram to get a category filled with her lovely day's pictures!

So if you're about to get married, considering coming up with an easy to remember and spell tag that represents your love! (Holli + part of her new last name.) Then make sure people know what to tag and then give them free reign to snap some pictures and upload to Instagram!

Also, if you haven't seen #hollicon on Instagram yet, go search it under Tags!

We hope you enjoyed the ride (and continue to enjoy it since Holli is honeymooning still)! We can't wait for the official pictures to show you how awesome the DIY decorations and vintage-style fashions that were rocking out at #hollicon!

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-Tyler Anne (aka Chick Tyler)


  1. Such a great idea! That makes it so much easier than trying to chase down people for photos after the fact. Seriously, genius. Next event, that is definitely happening. Thanks for sharing!

    1. No problem! It was a lot of fun too! So many different views of one event!



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