Almost There: Tips for Making your Wedding YOU

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tips for Making your Wedding YOU

This guest post comes from one of our #hollicon partners Chelsea at Crazy Love Studios. She's amazing! The end. Hope you enjoy! —Holli Anne

It’s the little things.

Looking for some ways to add some personal touches, character and whimsy to your wedding, but not too sure where to start?

When working on projects for your big day, here are a few things to keep in mind:

• Keep it simple, yet creative. Some things may be worth a few extra minutes in the long run, but others aren’t. Weigh your options and focus on the least invasive projects or even have them made for you if they are just too cool to pass up. “DIY” is no longer something you actually have to do yourself! It has become a well sought-after style that has brought about many talented artists and creatives whose main focus is making awesome things---for you!

• Be yourself. Don’t do something that’s trending if it’s not your style. It will be obvious on the day of the wedding if your “look” is not cohesive and just a big mess of what you thought were “awesome” Pinterest projects. Stay true to your own style and create meaningful details based on what is important to you and your fiance.

• Form and function. Make sure what you are creating makes sense with the “big picture.” You are wanting to create smaller vignettes of inspiration inside the overall “feel” of the wedding day festivities.

Below are a few of our favorite picks from some of our weddings that are sure to spark your creativity!

1. Rustic centerpieces. We love that even though this wedding reception was indoors, the couple brought in rustic outdoor elements. The simplicity of the glass jar and candles with the slice of a tree stump beneath creates an elegant centerpiece. Oh, and how could we forget the adorable “I Spy” game that the maid of honor created for the bride as well. (Lesson: Use your people! They want to help!)

2. Memory locket. The bride’s father had passed away, but she wanted to have him close to her on her wedding day and walk her down the aisle. What a sweet, simple gesture!

3. Invites and stationery.
It’s a great idea to showcase all of the wonderful stationery you have created for your wedding to document the event. We ask our brides to bring an invite to make sure it is included in the day’s photographs.

4. The bouquet. Make it your own. This was actually a simple bouquet we used for the bridal portraits, but we always love seeing what everyone does! We have seen buttons, brooches, paper, you name it. This is a great place to showcase your personality!

5. Favors. Aren’t these just the cutest? Each guest at this wedding was gifted their very own jar of homemade muscadine jam. It was a practical take-away that also added a fun southern flair of decor since they were brightly colored and displayed in large wire baskets.

6. Food. You don’t have to break the bank to have great tasting and adorable treats for your guests to get their fill of. How adorable are the mason jars filled with sweet tea and topped with little kraft tags? Who wouldn’t want to bite into that jelly-filled, southern-baked biscuit deliciousness? At this wedding the bride and groom’s families rallied together to create a sort of down-home potluck with all types of treats, both savory and sweet.

7. Faith and beliefs. This is a major part of the wedding day to many couples and this one made a nod to the father of the bride by using his own treasured bible filled with family memories to tie the rings to for the ceremony.

8. Boiled peanuts. Sorry, but I just had to include this one! It was also a great take-away for the couple’s southern wedding and folks literally just ate them up! The packaging is what I found adorable. The simple mason jars were stacked on a table, but since they are glass and you were able to see the contents, it added to the decor of their fall wedding.

9. Boutonnieres. (aka “man flowers”) Don’t skimp on the swag for your man’s getup. This couple went with a simple piece of cotton from a nearby field for this southern, fall wedding. It was a perfect touch to the rest of the decor without overdoing it. Besides, who doesn’t love cotton in the south, yall?

To find more of this awesome, check out Crazy Love Studios Website. If you have more questions on personal touches to your wedding, tweet us #hollicon.

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