Almost There: Finding Inspiration in New Environments

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Finding Inspiration in New Environments

Sometimes the best decision I can make as a freelancer is to get out of my house.

Today was definitely one of those days. It's been super rainy since the wee hours of the morning here in south Georgia. 

Rain, chilly weather and the sight of my warm, cozy bed don't make it easy to not sleep all day and wake up and eat a pan of brownies! Know what I mean? 

OK, I might be alone on the brownies part, but if you are a work-from-home person, I know you've shared my temptations.

I'm so lucky to have this beautiful, delicious coffee shop, the Iron Bank Coffee Company, just a few blocks from my house when I need an escape. Not only do they make the best white chocolate mochas (my favorite coffee drink ever and the one I use to harshly judge all coffee shops), but they recently renovated and just have the most inspiring environment. 

It's funny how when you change your environment you can get all kinds of new inspiration. 

Despite the grey cloudy skies outside, I feel a sense of renewal and energy in my little get away spot. (Or maybe that's just the coffee?!) Either way, it's helping me focus as I work on Almost There's first e-course…exciting huh?

Where do you go when you need a change of environment or inspiration? Also, what's YOUR coffee drink you use to judge all coffee shops? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

P.S. Don't mind my pug notebook. He helps me work! 

—Holli Anne

1 comment:

  1. I've grabbed coffee from there before. Love that place! Glad you've found a cozy spot to work. :)



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