Almost There: Mini DIY: Wedding Excitement Countdown

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mini DIY: Wedding Excitement Countdown

I will be the first person to admit this little DIY is not super exciting and pretty silly, but I just couldn't help myself.

I am obviously pretty excited to get married in two weeks, but I'm also down home without Joseph and with that, 11 days doesn't sound quite as close. So, I decided to make this mini countdown just to give myself little landmarks to look forward to along the way.

I'm also limited on the amount of craft supplies (that aren't exclusive to wedding things) down here. So, I just found these brightly-colored pieces of paper, and cut out little triangles for the date. You know we like us some triangles over here at Almost There.

Then I glued them on all crazy. Wrote the dates on them and the different people who would be trickling in throughout. (Notice, Tyler Anne coming March 7)!

Anyway, if you are a future bride (or anyone looking forward to any event), maybe a little countdown of the little landmark would be a fun way to help you get through the waiting game! It's silly, but there's really no time for impressive DIY-making at this stage in the game.

Are you looking forward to any big events coming up?

—Holli Anne

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