Almost There: Recipe: Nutella Coffee

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Recipe: Nutella Coffee

I have a big confession to make: I tried Nutella for the first time just a week or so ago. Don't worry, though, I'm a big fan.

As I was googling Nutella recipes, I found out today is World Nutella clearly I need to blog about it.

I thought the most appropriate way to celebrate would be to incorporate Nutella whereever possible in my daily food, so this morning, I made up some Nutella coffee.

I love chocolate and coffee and mocha-type drinks, and I LOVE Nutella in my coffee.

I have one of those one-cup coffee makers so I took a heaping spoonful of nutella and put it in the cup and as the coffee poured onto it, it melted it. I used about this much Nutella...

Then I just stirred it to finish the melting and added a touch of hazelnut creamer to finish it off. Such a delicious dessert drink OR in my case, awesome way to wakeup.

Happy World Nutella Day! If you have any great Nutella recipes for us, link in the comments.

—Holli Anne


  1. hey same coffee mug!

  2. I've been looking for a way to delicious-up my coffee without using artificial creamer or a bunch of sugar--love this idea!!



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