Almost There: Accessory Crushing: Teal + Yellow

Monday, February 4, 2013

Accessory Crushing: Teal + Yellow

I've been seriously jonesing to revamp my accessory collection. Luckily, since I'm getting married, I have a good excuse to shop...right?! (RIGHT?!)

I'm a huge fan of Modcloth and Ruche, which is probably a silly statement because I'm pretty sure that's almost a given. Regardless, just know I've been semi-obsessively Internet window shopping the past few weeks.

While I pretty much love everything, I've gathered a few of my favorite teal and yellow goodies that I seriously just might buy. (Yellow's not a wedding color but somehow it keeps creeping into my event...oops!).

This late dining heel from Modcloth. This March Heels in Teal from Ruche. This Rock the Weekend Ring from Modcloth. This Teal Glow Hinged Ring set from Ruche.

Oh and definitely this Lemonade My Day heel from Modcloth. My goodness, these Modern Elegance Peep Toe Pumps from Ruche. I'd never turn down these Earthly Riches Bangles Set from Ruche OR this Amber Fate Necklace from Ruche.

Hope you like my picks!

—Holli Anne


  1. Replies
    1. Oh girl, me too! I was leaning toward yellow shoes but THEN I saw those and now I'm so torn. #hardlife

  2. Love the selection!
    Your blog is very pretty! Nice DIYs, too!
    I'm a DIY-er, too ;)
    Fashion | DIYs

    1. Thanks so much! I like your blog, too! I'll have to watch out for your fun DIYs :)



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