Almost There: Wedding Prep Weekend Roundup

Monday, February 25, 2013

Wedding Prep Weekend Roundup

As Tyler mentioned yesterday, we Anne's have been rather busy this weekend. This Anne had to pack to come home for the next two weeks, get married and go on a honeymoon. "Overpacked" doesn't even describe the amount of things I brought. Above is a hodgepodge of our wedding decorations scattered about my living room floor Friday. Does it look like a badass thrift store to you?

The rest of the weekend was spent at an Engage Encounter marriage prep retreat. It was definitely a long and full weekend, but we did value the time to reflect on our relationship and let the fact that we are getting married sink in. (By the way, the happy crying kicked in full force this weekend).

Immediately after the retreat, we headed to Joseph's grandma's house, where his extended family threw us a wedding shower. It was SO sweet! I got to meet many of them for the first time, and we were doted on with lots of love, registry gifts (wrapped in Christmas paper because we LOVE Christmas so much) and cake.

Then today, we spent the morning recovering and the afternoon shoe-shopping (unsuccessfully) and getting our marriage license! How official are we?! Just look at those matching last names. AND the silly heart pens they had at the courthouse.

Now, Joseph's back in Columbus and I'm down where we are getting married in full-fledge #hollicon mode. It's a good thing too, because I sure will need to stay busy not to miss him too much! 

Get ready for a lot of diy wedding fun this week from me! #hollicon is a blog series on a super fun, simple, DIY wedding. Join us in the planning! 

—Holli Anne

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