Almost There: Books: Organizing, Reading and Writing!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Books: Organizing, Reading and Writing!

I have a lot of goals involving books this coming year. You may have seen some of them in our New Year goals post.

Specifically, I want to read more books, continue writing my book and here's a new one: find a way to organize my books.

I currently don't have a bookshelf, but I have TONS of books. I found a creative way to display them around my house in decorative form. Some of them are a little practical, being end tables holding lamps. Seriously, they are everywhere: in the kitchen, in my office, in my room and in my living room. 

I like that I at least have something to do with them other than sit in ugly boxes, but my new house is a tiny, tiny cottage.

I'm going to want to control these a little better. 

Since the house is so small, I'm hoping to just find a simple, small bookshelf at a thrift store—no big fancy plans for this storage, but I do think it's a pretty important goal for the order of our future home. 

Other book goals:

I've been thinking about my "read more books" goal a lot, specifically how non-specific it is. 

I'm not ready to just out and claim a number of books I want to read, but I do know that tangible goals are much easier to obtain. So here's a few ways I want to narrow it down.

1. Read every day. Right now, I start reading a book, plow about half-way to three-quarters of the way through it and then stop for a while. I think subconsciously I just don't want it to end. If I make myself read everyday, maybe I can curb this habit.

2. Read and review books from Story Cartel, this super cool Website I found. It's a place where authors give away copies of their book in exchange for Amazon reviews. I loved everything I read on there last year. You can get free books, too, if you click on that link!

3. Read more classics. This is self-explanatory. I just want to read some of the ones I didn't already read in school. 

Do you have any goals involving books this year?

—Holli Anne

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