Almost There: DIY: Handmade Stamps

Thursday, January 10, 2013

DIY: Handmade Stamps

I am just tickled at how easy, personal, and cheap it is to make your own stamps. I've been on a stamp-making kick recently and decided I wanted try using everyday items to create my own.

So, what was around the house? Wine corks and pencils! Easy enough!

What you need:

I've been wanting to make some new coasters for my office so this DIY project couldn't have come at a better time. Since coasters are small I wanted a small design on them. The corks and pencil's eraser came in handy for a smaller scale stamp.

What you do first is draw a design on the end of your cork. I attempted a mustache.

Then use your Xacto knife to cut the cork away from the design so that it is raised by itself. (Be CAREFUL though! Xacto knives are definitely sharp and hurt like the dickens!)

After you are done with that you can dip the end in ink or paint and stamp away!

Next, I made an even smaller stamp from a pencil's eraser. You use the same process as the cork.

I ended up using a tiny bit of black paint to put my stamps in and covered my coasters with them!

I'm so happy with the triangle stamped coaster but I'd like to do another mustache one! To me they don't look quite like mustaches but maybe fat bats!

Either way, this DIY project is a very fast and easy way to make personal, fun stamps at home. Definitely a DIY worth trying.

If you do this DIY, link in comments!

*Behind the scenes! My awkward smile while making stamps in the back yard! And, yes, to answer your question... I am wearing those intense tights. You can find more at Target!

-Chick Tyler (aka Tyler Anne)


  1. I really like the triangle one!

    1. Thank you! I definitely love the triangle one. (If you've read my tattoo post you'll know why I doubly love it!!!)

  2. I tried to make these cork stamps but when I cut the cork with the knife I lost my balance and wine went everywhere while I was trying to get a bandaid. Can you just make me some and send them to me? :)



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